Choosing the Perfect Blind 101

Blinds are a necessity to your home, providing comfort and privacy. This investment to your home keeps the sunlight out and your spaces cool. There are a plethora of styles that you can choose from, whether they are motorized shades, day & night shades, zebra shades, or blackout shades. Choosing blinds perfect for your home can be a headache––but we can help!

1. Premium Zebra Shades

Zebra shades are probably the most common type you see in houses. They are the ones that have an alternating strip design going horizontally. These are simple to use and have a light look to them. A prominent choice of a zebra shade is the Premium Pleated Zebra Dual Sheer Light Filtering Roller Shades

2. Day and Night shades

Day and night shades are beneficial for light filtering and privacy. They have two different shades where you can block out the sun with one shade while spreading the rays to keep some of the natural light inside. An option for a day and night shade is the  Day & Night Dual Roller Shades

3. Motorized Shades

You can also get your shades motorized. A motorized shade is a shade that can be opened and closed with a button or a remote control. This is convenient because you can open or close shades from anywhere around the house! These shades also save energy because the blind automatically knows when it is the hottest day, and will shut by itself to reduce HVAC usage. Below is the Light Filtering Motorized Roller Shades

4. Honeycomb shades

Honeycomb shades have light filtering technology and are probably the easiest to take care of. They are stain and wrinkle free. The best part about these blinds is that your house gets warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer due to the insulating cell construction. The perfect shade for window covering is the Honeycomb basics bottom up Light filtering/Blackout cordless Shades.

5. Blackout Roller Shades

Out of all the shades above, roller shades gives you the most flexible options. You can adjust the length of the shade coming down the windows, and you have a modern cover to cover the shade when not in use. The 1% Openness EZRise & FREE Valance Cordless Roller Shades offers you all these options.

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