Why spend a ridiculous amount of money on curtains and shades when you can opt in for Springblind’s Roman Roller Shades?

The Best Roman Roller Shades in the Market!

There are a countless number of curtain and shade products on the market today, but I have come up with the best one, in terms of both price and quality.

Whether it be shades needed for homes, offices, or department stores, there are various kinds of shades meant for different uses and effects and for my home personally, a Roman style roller shades is the perfect one.

I haven’t had much knowledge in blinds or shades so just like any person new to this type of home decoration, I searched the web and asked friends and family members for any recommendations. During my research, I was quite surprised at how expensive some of the blinds were and started to wonder if window coverings must be expensive in order to function well. The price differences between brands and materials were drastic and I didn’t want to risk any nonfunctional or poor quality issues on my first shade so I went ahead and purchased a Cascade Roman Shade for my living room from The Shade Store for a whopping $550. I immediately went ahead and installed the shades once they arrived and surprisingly took a little longer than I expected. Once completed, I started having doubts about if it was really worth all that money for these shades. I then went ahead and searched some more and was recommended buying from Springblinds. The prices for the shades here were way cheaper and all the reviews were positive so I trusted the reviews and purchased their Roman Roller Shades for $238, a price point more than half cheaper than the ones from The Shade Store. And yet again to my surprise, I was able to install these shades quicker than the one I purchased before. It was totally hassle-free and super easy to put up. Although cheaper, the ones from Springblinds proved to be better in quality and more effective in keeping the sun out. With its transparent, UV-stable spaces and rings, these Roman Roller Shades uses a child-safe tension device so I don’t have to worry about my kids messing with these. They also have a unique cord adjuster so I can easily level and adjust the overall height.

Overall, I regret purchasing such expensive shades when I could have gotten another great custom window treatment from Springblinds. With super friendly price points and top notch quality, save your money and buy from Springblinds!

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